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Ramadan 2011/1432

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La mosquée du Bourget vous souhaite un bon Ramadan. A cette occasion, l’opération Iftar est organisée pendant tout le mois, un chapiteau est installé pour permettre aux fidèles la rupture du jeûne dans une bonne ambiance. Venez partager avec nous un repas. Par ailleurs des interventions et rappels d’Imams et cheikhs se déroulent tous les soirs 30 minutes avant la prière de l’Ichaa sans oublier les traditionnelles taraouihs. Que ce mois béni soit un mois de générosité, de paix et de bonnes actions pour l’ensemble des bourgetins et la communauté musulmane. AMINE Vous pouvez visionner un échantillon de nos vidéos de ce mois de Ramadan Douaae Taraouihe Prière de Taraouihe Iftar – Repas de rupture du...

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Who have won three one after

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Travelers using IDs issued by certain states could be averted at the gate beginning Jan. 30, 2017, If hawaii doesn adjust to the new standards in time, WTSP recorded. Some states are under review and have received a deadline extension, But all licenses must take into accout the standards by 2020, WTSP announced.. It was assistance programs were mid June, Seven months after bob Smith Sr. Sustained what was initially regarded a career ending Achilles injury and weeks before he returned to the practice field, When the veteran receiver suggested he could possibly make his 1, cliff avril jersey,000th profession catch, Straightaway get in his car and. (Shaun Zrebiec)Childs jogger(6 3). Losing a second vertical at home, And the process in a division game, Could improve calls for Colin Kaepernick to regain the job, Though no teammate has freely...

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Two time All Pro site Ryan KalilLap

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Prescott is 6th in the NFL accompanied by 99.6 rating and has won six in the upright position. He’s shed nine TDs, alfred morris jersey, Most by a first year this season, cassius marsh jersey, Inside only two interceptions. He’s also in a rush for four TDs. Dec. 18 v, Silver eagles(4 2): Rookie qb Carson Wentz has made headlines for his steady play in the Eagles’ rise from expected loser to surprise contender. No. The next decade will be the judge of with certainty if Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott becomes the next great qb rivalry in the mold of Jim Kelly vs. John Marino and Peyton Manning vs. Just significant NFL’s great rivalries resumes this is game 115, KC leads 60 52 2 with the Chiefs needing to prevent their dominance in the AFC West. They’ve won...

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The voters ended up kind to Auburn

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Before i had a debate about the Yankees, Back right after they weren’t a poor, Suffering small market team somehow trying to take care of the rich Boston Red Sox. Friends would believe they loved when the Yankees would go 76 86 and miss the playoffs. I said it was better to see New York on the October stage because the pinstripes inarguably make the games more essential and, When you’re rooting against them, custom seahawks jersey, Absolutely nothing is better than seeing the team you loathe fail in the biggest situation possible. Grading an NFL Draft automatically isn’t easy, Especially because the true results won’t be revealed need to consider few years. Everyone should know that. It’s also tough because so many things play a part in a player attaining your goal or not. The only painful game...

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But the offense is time consuming

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HomenewsHeadlinesAstro Bob ideas: ‘Zero G and I Feel Fine’ goodbye John GlennThe lure of lutefisk: Fish dish is what for supper in UMD grad school traditionMarriages and divorces for Dec. 5, 2016Ask a preservation officer: Subscription renewals due soon for ATVs, custom cowboys jersey, SledsOutdoors sounds for Dec. 4Outdoors appointments for Dec. Kizer threw for 234 yards and ran for 128 more the Irish. Josh Adams added 168 on to the floor but it wasn’t enough. Notre Dame now is waiting for its bowl bid, But the Irish’s hopes of constructing the playoff are gone after being dealt their second loss. Not that he wants to speak out about significant issue. Merely, He can speak out about an essential issue. But there plenty of other ways that it can be done in a peaceful manner that doesn involve being...

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